Exhibiting work at:

Ocean Matters Exhibition

26-27 May 2018

Over 12 million tonnes of waste plastic end up in the worlds oceans each year, and with estimates there will be more plastic floating in our seas than fish by 2050, highlights a real global issue.

Gyre is a visual representation of the issues surrounding our own consumer culture as well as plastics impact and relationship with our ecosystem.

The spherical composition aims to highlight the continuous dispersion of plastic debris through these circulating oceanic currents, and the re-emergence of micro plastics into our food chain through marine digestion.

The abstract composition is suggestive of this convergence of manufactured and organic material. Whilst the distortion of its structure intends to disorientate, yet create resonance and familiarity through its everyday use.

Plastic in our Seas poster campaign
Single-use plastic pollution design

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Creative Bath Awards 2018
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Abstract Plastic Art

Studio shoot examining the plastic form